Steps to become a Pink Wave Entertainer


It is the process that will allow you to become a tourist entertainer.
First of all it is important because it gives you the opportunity not only to begin your experience within the tourist entertainment industry, but also to be able to get to know the company you will work with and the type of work you will be doing. This will also give you the possibility to make a dream, which many have dreamed of, come true: working around the world on the most beautiful beaches, under the sun and always smiling. Moreover, you would have the chance to live a unique experience, rich both from a personal and from a professional point of view. This experience could become a real full-time lifestyle, both in winter and summer.

The selection process is divided up into:

1# Application submission:
Send your candidacy in order to introduce yourself for the role of tourist entertainer. We will contact you then for a first interview in which we will analyse your application and we will answer all your questions.

2# Bootcamp:
Should  the outcome of the first interview be positive, you will be invited to participate at one of our BOOTCAMPS: our selection castings.


This is the next step following the selection; this is the opportunity for you to learn techniques and skills of the job as an entertainer for tourist villages and, above all, to understand 100% if it is the job for you or not.

The training will be done directly in the Hotel. For all newcomers to the Pink Wave family, a first week of training is scheduled at the hotel where you will be spending the summer season.

This week is programmed to teach you everything you need to know about your role. During this week your chief entertainer and / or your department manager, will teach you all about the role and life in the hotel. 


It is a unique opportunity to approach the world of tourist entertainment, to understand what it is all about and to know Pink Wave to understand if it is the right company for you. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for us to get to know you better, to know all your personal and artistic characteristics in order to find the entertainment team that best suits your personality and skills.

The Bootcamp is a real casting. The purpose is to give you and receive from you as much information as possible and above all to understand on both sides whether the job of tourist entertainer is the one for you.

Furthermore, the Bootcamp formula will give you the opportunity present yourself better than in a simple 30-minute interview, so that you can play your cards better.
The Bootcamp is divided up into 2 parts:

1# Interview: Pink Wave will provide you with all the information, in a clear and transparent way, concerning the company, how the work of an entertainer is carried out, the salary levels, the contractual aspects, etc. Furthermore, it will be your chance to tell us everything about you: your passions, your work experience, your plans, etc...
2# Practical: In this second part you will be tested with theatre, dance and team play activities. Do not worry, there is no need for particular artistic qualities, the activities are structured to allow anyone to feel at ease and to be able to give their best. If, on the other hand, you have already had experience or you have particular artistic qualities, you will have the opportunity to show them fully.
Most importantly, once the Bootcamp is finished you will IMMEDIATELY receive the selection outcome!


1# Clarity and Transparency:
With Pink Wave you will have the security of always receiving clear and transparent information, from the first contact with us.

2# Professionalism:
You will have a regular contract at favourable conditions (paid flight, board and lodging, monthly salary, day off, and many other benefits). Moreover, throughout your journey you will have the opportunity to be followed by trained and professional staff.

3# 5-star job:
You will work for the biggest hotel chains and Tour Operators around the world.

4# Free selection and training:
The goal of Pink Wave is to invest in its resources, so you will have the opportunity to take part in our selections and training courses free of charge.

5# Support and assistance:
With Pink Wave you will never be left alone, you will have the opportunity to undertake the job of tourist entertainer with the support and assistance of a serious and reliable company.



Monthly salary in your bank account
You will receive your salary at the beginning of each month directly to your bank account.

Home and Away Tickets
Pink Wave will buy you directly the flights tickets, so you WILL NOT have to pay anything in advance.

You will have an accidents insurance coverage 24 hours per 7, not only during the working hours

One day off per week
You will have one day off a week to relax, unwind and discover the wonders that surround you.

Board and Lodging in Double and Triple Rooms
You will stay in staff rooms inside the hotel or a at a short distance.

Daytime and evening uniforms
You will wear staff uniforms directly provided by Pink Wave or by the Tour Operator.
We select young people (with or without experience) throughout Europe to become tourist entertainers. Follow our tour and choose the date you prefer!

Waiting for the next BOOTCAMP!

Soon we will open again with Bootcamps!

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